Why Content Marketing Deserves Your Full Time and Focus in 2015

By now, you’ll have probably come across a thousand and one guides instructing you on just what you should and should not be doing by way of brand promotion this year. Unsurprisingly, web marketing is the order of the day by leaps and bounds, with allowances now being essential for the fast-accelerating mobile web audiences of the world. But what’s really interesting is that once again, just as it was the case in 2014, the most important principle of all to follow is that of solid, consistent and if necessary, heavier investment in content marketing.

According tothe online marketing pros, time is fast running out for those not already up to speed with their content marketing efforts to make amends and map out a bright future. But with such incredible variety by way of complex marketing tools, approaches and strategies just begging to be explored, what is it about content marketing that makes it the world’s number one for 2015?

Engaging Audiences

Well, above all else it is important to remember that to set about a strong content marketing strategy is to essentially do what any leading brand should be doing – giving its audience what it wants. Where content marketing differs from all other types of marketing is in the way in which you’re effectively not pushing anything at all on your prospective customers and nor are you using any conventional sales tactics. Quite to the contrary in fact, the process is often referred to as ‘selling without selling’ as while you won’t be making any direct sales pushes, success will bring an epic rise in audience volumes and conversions.

These days, nothing matters more in the eyes of the everyday consumer than a brand that’s both dependable and trustworthy. Establishing trust therefore is of key importance as dependability will be qualified over time – the more you can show your target audiences you exist for them and for their needs, the more faith they’ll have in what you do. Killer content that’s right in line with the tastes of your audience is so uniquely powerful in that it draws them in, hooks their attention, keeps them on your side and builds a strong bond between the two of you. By contrast, standard marketing tools like banner ads and promo posters do none of these.

SEO Benefit

While it’s important to acknowledge that the importance of traditional SEO has been slipping over recent years, there’s still no denying how much weight Google carries when it comes to exposure. Hit the top spots and you’re guaranteed the attention of the overwhelming majority of people using the search terms you’re gunning for, but now more than ever it’s of the utmost importance to think far beyond ‘classic’ SEO tools, elements and approaches.

In order to curry any favour with any of the major search engines, a website needs to be rich in content that’s relevant, accurate, up to date and being added to on a regular basis. Ticking all such boxes will inherently tick largely every one of the most importance boxes with Google and Co, adding to your site’s SEO value as something of an added bonus. Content marketing should never be set about with SEO as the primary focus, but in terms of welcome side effects it really is about as good as it gets.

Repeat Visits

Getting traffic to your site in the first place is one thing, but what makes the difference between and good site and a really great site is that the latter keeps the punters coming back for more. Needless to say this is a tricky act to pull off as once they’ve been to your site, done what they need to do and read what you have to say, you’re going to have to make it worth their while to come back again.

This is where the inherent benefits of content marketing really come into their own as it is above all else nothing more than killer content that keeps the average person coming back for more. Content quickly stagnates and becomes of little to no value whatsoever, especially in the eyes of those that have a genuine interest in and passion for what you do. Share news, offer helpful tips, print your own guides on any relevant subject and generally encourage discussion on any important matters – anything you can do to keep your content fresh, up to date and abundant will help ensure the first time your customers visit your site will not be the last.



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