Web Design Tips and Trends – What’s Big in 2015?

Every year brings along its own unique trends and movements as far as website design is concerned – 2015 having proved no exception to the rule. The middle point of the year is fast approaching and we’re already looking at a web that’s so incredibly different from that of 2014 in a great many ways. Some of last year’s best-loved trends have carried over and others have been replaced entirely by incredible new movements. So as always, there’s really no better time than right now to take a look at what’s been hitting the big time in 2015 so far among global web design gurus.

1 – Massive Images

First of all, faster Internet connections and better consumer technology in general have combined to allow web designers to go pretty crazy with website background images. Now more than ever before, it’s extremely popular to use a single, high definition image of the most enormous size to create the backdrop for the page or site as a whole. One of the key benefits of this particular approach is the way in which it then takes little more than simple text and elegant additions to create a stunning site – the background image doing most of the work on your behalf!

2 – Tiles

The extraordinary growth in the popularity of mobile web access over recent years has brought the consumer public to a stage where tiled interfaces tend to be second nature and extremely desirable. The majority of mobile operating systems now use at least a take on a tiles interface (or icons) which in the case of a website can instill a sense of familiarity even if it’s the user’s first ever visit. Tiles are fantastic for the way in which they not only look great, but also take care of most of the site’s important navigation systems at the same time.

3 – Pure Minimalist

You really only need to take a quick look at the primary landing page for Apple’s online store to understand how high-impact a minimalist design theme can be. It’s truly extraordinary how elegant and refined a site can come across if only a few choice elements are used in the right way to create a no-nonsense overall effect. Clutter tends to be the tool of choice for those who don’t know what they are doing and thus throw everything in – minimal design themes show your visitors that you’re so confident in what you do, you can whisper instead of shout.

4 – Next-Generations Responsive Design

Just because a website is responsive doesn’t mean it’s going to be worth your time visiting it from a mobile device. Heck, there are thousands of responsive WordPress themes for example which although considered mobile-friendly even in the eyes of Google are 99% unusable and inaccessible when approached via a smartphone. This of course doesn’t bode well with the fact that mobile audiences are exploding in size and influence by the day, which is why new-generation responsive design is perhaps the biggest trend of all in 2015. This is the kind of responsible design that doesn’t just tick the right boxes, but goes the whole hog and makes sure mobile visitors get the same experience, 100% across the board and with no compromise.

5 – Flat Page Design

When you take a look at what Apple recently did with its iOS interface, what Google seems to be doing with all its graphic design work and indeed the primary focus of Microsoft’s UI language, you’ll notice that flat design trends are seriously big right now. The beauty of creating a flat website is of course that it’s technically easy to do…or at least easier…and can yield incredible results. It’s practical, it’s far from data-hungry and it helps keep a site clean, fresh and manageable – pure gold all-round in 2015.

6 – Vibrant Colours

Last but not least, once again take a look at the above-mentioned parties and chances are you’ll note how bold and bright colours can work like a charm in the 2015 web landscape. Now, this may appear to contradict the tip on minimalist site design but in reality it all comes down to who you are and what it is you do. If you’re planning on selling million-dollar diamonds to A-Listers, chances are fluorescent pink lettering and logos aren’t going to work in your favour. If on the other hand you’re a new electronics brand or perhaps a marketing company looking to stand out from the crowd, vibrancy is often interpreted as a sign of confidence.

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