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Theories and predictions are all well and good, but when it comes to gaining real insights into the current state of web marketing, there’s nothing better than a healthy dollop of statistics! Mercifully, the fact that we live in the age of all-things analytics-focused means that we’re really never too far away from a whole boat-load of priceless information.

It’s probably fair to say that the latest roundup has once again focused on video marketing…and for a very good reason, at that. But no matter what area of business you happen to be in, you’re bound to find at least one or two nuggets of gold in the following cavalcade, which could just be of value to your business going forward.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s been learned over the last week or so:

  1. For an insight into how to get things right as a multi-channel retailer, take a note or two from Amazon, Argos, Boots, John Lewis and Mothercare. These have just taken the five top spots in the most recent IRUK report.
  2. Among the biggest 100 retailers in Britain, the number now offering Sunday deliveries has increased 200% over the last year.
  3. Among the 500 biggest British retailers, 20% now have a native app and 23% have transactional apps.
  4. Approximately half of the top 50 retailers in the UK are now ensuring they sell their own products for cheaper prices than Amazon.
  5. According to a recent study by Wochit, by the year 2017 an astonishing 74% of all web traffic will be video.
  6. When looking to achieve high SERP rankings, it may be up to 50 times easier to hit the number-one spot in Google with a video, so claims Forrester Research.
  7. Web marketers looking to improve the click-through rates of their email marketing efforts should definitely consider upping video content. Implix reports that to receive a marketing email that includes a video is to increase the likelihood of a click-through by 96%.
  8. Analysis from a variety of studies suggests that after watching a marketing video, close to half of all customers (46%) take some kind of action.
  9. Forbes recently carried out a study into the power and influence of video marketing, reaching the conclusion that close to 60% of executives would prefer to watch a video clip than read text.
  10. When a viewer enjoys the content of a video advertisement, the likelihood of them making a purchase increases by 97%, so states Unruly. In addition, brand association spikes a massive 139% if the marketing video is well received.
  11. Heading over to the authority that is medical science for a moment, it’s a little-known fact that visuals are processed by the brain an astonishing 60,000 times faster than text. What’s more, visual information accounts for no less than 90% of all information that is transmitted to the brain.
  12. When it comes to inbound link building efforts, research suggests that blog posts featuring a video are around 300% more likely to attract inbound links than standard text entries.
  13. According to the details of the latest Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report, up to 50% of all mobile traffic is now made up by online videos.
  14. Contrary to popular belief, consumers who shop for goods of any kind online are three times more likely to watch video content from a smartphone of tablet PC, compared to desktop/laptop web shoppers.
  15. YouTube now attracts more than 1 billion unique users on a monthly basis, adding up to more than 4 billion hours of monthly video viewing.
  16. On average, web users spend in the region of 88% more time with websites that feature video content than those that do not.
  17. If your primary landing page features a quality video, it stands around a 50% better chance of appearing on the first page of Google, according to Mist Media.
  18. More than half of all web shoppers feel more confident about spending their money on any given purchase after watching video content.
  19. Among the mobile community, no less than 92% of device users said that they regularly share video content with others.
  20. Close to half of all major retailers say that between 20% and a staggering 50% of their total web sales are made via dedicated apps.
  21. Britain is well behind the curve with Smartwatch adoption, with just 16% of consumers owning such a wearable.
  22. Only 8% of retailers have an app that was created with user-experience as a priority. By contrast, 64% of retailers have apps that were created primarily for transactions.
  23. Four in every five major brands will be allocating 20% or more of their digital marketing budgets to mobile in 2016.

Quite revealing, isn’t it all?



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