Ten Clear Reasons to Choose Magento for E-Commerce

Over recent years, the e-commerce playing field has become increasingly level as so many new opportunities present themselves for smaller, newer and perhaps once-underdog businesses. With so many affordable and in some cases 100% free ways of getting an online business up and running, it’s no longer a case of the already successful and wealthy having an all-encompassing edge over their fledging rivals.

But regardless of how many new e-commerce platforms join the game, there’s one name that continues to be the world’s favourite and the critics’ number one recommendation – Magento. Above and beyond so many of the most highly-acclaimed paid platforms out there, those in the know flock to Magento with barely a thought for anything else.

What is it, therefore, that makes Magento a genuine standout among so many e-commerce options?

1 – Superb Versatility

First and foremost, the versatility of Magento is absolutely superb and allows for infinite customisation options covering every possible need, taste and purpose. In addition, the interface makes it incredibly easy to see what it is you’re doing as you do it in real time. It’s largely a point-and-click affair that doesn’t demand any prior knowledge of website design, making it perfect for newcomers.

2 – Responsive Design

Many of the better Magento themes on the market today are designed to be 100% responsive, which in turn means no additional skills or efforts needed to produce a site that’s mobile device-compatible. Mobile has already overtaken desktop in terms of consumer Internet access across many key markets, making this particular benefit one of crucial importance.

3 – Search Engine-Friendly

Unlike many alternative e-commerce platforms, Magento was built from the ground up with strong SEO elements baked-into its very fibres. As such, very little additional work is needed to ensure a site stands every chance of appearing strongly in Google and Co.

4 – Capable, Powerful

Something else to factor in when deciding on an e-commerce platform is the way in which Magento is extremely powerful and just as capable as some of the world’s most expensive commercial platforms. With the ability to deal with upward of 80,000 orders per hour and support sites with up to half a million products, it’s large and capable enough for pretty much any standard e-commerce business.

5 – In-built Promos

With tools that automatically list things like related items and products of a similar nature, customers are exposed to additional buys they may not otherwise have seen – all with little to no input.

6 – Integration of Third-Party Services

Magento makes it easy to connect with like PayPal, Ebay and so many more services to allow for huge branching out of efforts and cross-platform collaboration – all of which is surprisingly straightforward.

7 – Strong Security

The standard security features that come included with Magento are impressive enough, but can always be bolstered with add-ons. What’s more, the platform allows for multi-level security and is therefore ideal for e-commerce businesses with small and large workforces alike.

8 – Quality Search Tools

With auto-suggestions, intelligent filters and more, the product search tools included as standard with Magento are among the most effective on the market – not to mention the easiest to use. This ensures that customers are not only able to find what it is they’re looking for, but are also consistently exposed to similar and related items that may be of interest to them.

9 – A Global User Community

Another incredibly important benefit of choosing Magento for e-commerce is the way in which the platform has a global user community totalling hundreds of thousands, with around 250,000 businesses currently operating on the platform. This in turn opens up endless possibilities for sourcing advice, guidance and all manner of tips on every aspect of Magento from those with long-term experience in the field.

10 – It’s Free and Easy

Last but not least, some would argue that nothing about Magento is more attractive than the fact that it is 100% free of charge to use and really couldn’t be easier to get started with. You genuinely do not have to have any experience at all in web design or e-commerce business operations to stand every chance of coming up with a winning store that’s a testament to your products and the services you offer. There are of course plenty of paid themes, add-ons and optional extras, but the standard platform in itself doesn’t cost a penny. And better still, it gives you and you alone complete and total control over what happens.


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