SEO Strategies for 2015 – What to Watch For

2014 was a very big year indeed for SEO – 2015 however is shaping up to be even bigger. From the world’s more elite SEO agencies to the smaller backroom operations, it’s become clearer than ever before that Google and Co. have declared war on spam and those not abiding by the rules will not get away with it any longer.

As such, the time has well and truly come to step up efforts or perhaps outsource SEOto the most competent and forward-thinking providers in the industry today, as things are going to get much tougher over the coming months.

Of course, those that manage to get it right and play by Google’s rules will find 2015 bring the year in which they hit dizzying highs like never before. The loss of some is the gain of others and there will indeed be loss and gain on a grand scale as the year goes on. So with this in mind and an intent to avoid the ‘loss’ category at all costs, what kinds of strategies can be expected as 2015 ticks along?    seo-strategies-for-2015–what-to-watch-for

Content Investment

As far as industry analysts are concerned, more money will be spent across the board on content creation and management over the next 12 months than ever before in the web’s history. It hasn’t escaped the attention of anyone that content is becoming the be all and end all of a website in a very big way – something that’s been stepping up for a while but recently went nuclear. It will no longer be enough to back the most important parts of the site with filler and detritus just to bulk it out, as each and every area and page will scrutinised equally and all shortfalls taken into account. Keeping up with content demands in 2015 will be more difficult and expensive than ever before, but also 100% necessary.

Long-Tail Keywords

Google’s latest algorithm updates brought with it a great many changes, but none were quite as significant as its focus on long-tail keywords and search phrases. The direction Google will be taking from this moment forward is to focus increasingly on long-tail keyword phrases, as opposed to the shorter or single words most have become used to. Due in large to the mobile tech exodus, the search engine is stepping toward a future where more specific and complex search queries can be answered.

Focus on Local

As a direct result of the above, local will become more important than ever for online marketing as the months go by. Google has always stated its position as a champion of local business promotion and advancement and seems intent on proving as such throughout the year. The focus on longer searches and those of a more complex nature will allow for results to be offered that are far more specific and relevant to the individual’s needs in accordance with their location. Referring back to the above example, it will be more about finding exactly what they need at any given time and an any given place, rather than being thrown a list of hundreds of sites just because they fit the niche.

Less is More

2015 is set to go down as the SEO where quality overtakes quantity like never before. This is something that’s just starting to make its mark now and as time goes forward will have a bigger impact than ever. From keyword density to backlinks and everything else besides, the concentrations, numbers and densities you can get away with these days have plummeted like never before and will continue to shrink in 2015 and beyond. If you’ve been getting away with using quantity to keep your site afloat – you’re in for a nasty shock this year.

Networking Matters

There’s no more powerful marketing in the world than that which generates business genuinely and organically. If you can get other people talking about you, other sites promoting you and other writers paying mention to you, chances are you’ll earn a stack of traffic without any real SEO needed. What this means for you is a steady process of networking, both physically and online. Reach out to others and get out there to find them as the more people you have in your book and on your side, the higher they will help you and your business climb.

Write for Readers

Last but not least, never forget that what Google is trying to promote more than anything else these days is genuine sites and services that are written for and read by real people…not search engine crawlers. As such, perhaps the most important thing to take into 2015 of all is that when it comes to SEO, you won’t win any votes by tailoring a site to be 100% attractive to bots and about 98% unattractive to readers. You’ll be caught in the act and punished…badly.




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