Freelancer Vs Agency SEO in Norwich

When looking to take on the services of an SEO pro in Norwich, businesses must choose between the standard agency option and that of a private Freelance contractor. The latter of the two is of course viewed by most as the riskiest and the choice more closely associated with smaller and newer enterprises, but what can a freelance SEO specialist in Norwich offer above and beyond an agency…if anything?

Well, the truth of the matter is that there are pros and cons in both instances, so before making a final decision in what’s an undeniably crucial matter, it’s worth fully considering both.     freelancer-vs-agency-seo-in-norwich

SEO Agencies

The SEO agency is the standard third-party business offering SEO services by way of long and short-term packages. They generally work remotely and can be found all over the web.

Agency Pros:

  • Brand Name – There are some brand names in SEO that have come to be trusted over the years, which in turn brings great peace of mind for any business. If you know that brand has proven its worth thousands of times over, you know you’re making a wise decision.
  • Pooled Resources – Also worth considering is how an SEO agency may be staffed by dozens of specialists, each with a different SEO background and skills set. Pool these skills together and the resulting knowledge base is quite unrivalled.
  • Cheap Packages – For small businesses in particular, larger SEO firms with massive manpower and gigantic client-bases can offer bargain-basement packages for next to nothing.

Agency Cons:

  • No Dedicated SEO Manager – If the SEO contract is handed to a large team, it’s possible that there will be no single point of contact or management head in charge of the whole thing.
  • Resources Spread Thin – Most SEO agencies are juggling dozens of contracts and on-going strategies at the same time, spreading resources rather thinly.
  • No Desire to Excel – It’s also sometimes fair to say that office SEO workers carry out the duties on a ‘Getting the Job Done’ basis, whereas a dedicated freelance SEO specialist in Norwich has little choice but to push their skills, talents and knowledge to new heights every day.

SEO Freelancers

The alternative is to hire a self-employed freelancer, which also brings along unique pros and cons.

Freelancer Pros:

  • Full Dedication Can be Given – A leading freelance SEO specialist in Norwich may only take on one project as a time, meaning complete and total dedication.
  • Genuine Need to Go the Extra Mile – Freelancers only survive by excelling and striving for greatness in order to build their reputation and feedback.
  • Comprehensive Service Tailoring – Few freelancers offer set service packages, whereas most insist on 100% tailored services in line with the needs of the business.
  • Faster Results – Full dedication and flexible working hours mean faster results.

Freelancer Cons:

  • Finding a Reputable Provider – Freelancers must be vetted prior to hiring as there’s often no reputable brand to back them up.
  • Remote Contact When Needed – A freelancer may not have a fixed-address office from which they work, making it trickier to arrange meetings when and where necessary.
  • No Contractual Security – And with no contracts in place, to hire a shoddy freelance SEO specialist in Norwich could be detrimental to the business and its performance, though this can of course be ruled out by solid candidate vetting.


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