Freelance SEO Benefits in London

These days, more and more big businesses are hiring freelance SEO specialists than ever before, effectively shunning larger firms and choosing not to keep on-site SEO workers. Why is this? Well, I personally believe it comes down to the specifics of the job at hand as to which approach works the best, but there are some undeniable benefits that come with hiring an external freelance candidate as opposed to running an in-house operation.      freelance-seo-benefits-in-london

For example:

1 – A Different Perspective

If you’re working within a business and therefore form a part of its core, it isn’t easy to remain objective or see things from a wider perspective. If by contrast you were to hire a freelance SEO specialist in London, you’re effectively taking on the services of an outsider looking into the company from a new and fresh perspective. As such individuals are not bogged down with the firm’s standard office politics, its daily processes and any bad habits it may have fallen into, they’re uniquely able to tailor SEO strategies in accordance with hard facts and data alone.

2 – Freedom from Contracts

SEO remains something of an unknown and no competent professional would ever claim they’re able to read the future. This worries businesses and makes it difficult to enter into long-term and often expensive contracts with SEO firms, who may or may not prove to be of value for the business. By contrast again, the average freelance SEO specialist in London will work either on something of a rolling-contract basis or without any specific contract at all. Their services can be dipped into and out of largely at a moment’s notice, which equates to enormous freedom and flexibility for the business.

3 – A Unique Skills Set

The overwhelming majority of SEO firms in operation today have something of a set process by which all projects are tackled. They have their rules to follow, their procedures to abide by and their chosen approach to SEO that’s rarely deviated from. With freelance SEO specialists on the other hand things are often different. Working solo or as part of an independent group opens up countless more doors for experimentation and innovation, leading to a unique skills set the likes of which cannot be tapped into elsewhere.

4 – Genuine Dedication

When you take on a freelance SEO worker for any given project, that project becomes their commitment and their life. If on the other hand you operate an in-house SEO effort or outsource to a larger firm, it’s inevitable that the team will be juggling a fair few jobs and projects at the same time, meaning that the latest project of importance cannot realistically be given anything close to 100% focus and attention.

5 – The Lowest Prices

And finally, competition in the sector has never been higher which in turn means that every freelance SEO specialist in London wishing to get by has little choice other than to work for the lowest possible prices. It’s rare to find even the most seasoned SEO veteran asking higher prices than a bog-standard SEO firm, which for businesses means the potential for taking home superior results for less.


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