Five Signs Your Business Could Benefit By Switching Online Marketing Consultants

These days, the professional marketing consultantrepresents a crucial and valuable asset for pretty much any business of any size with the intent to stay ahead of the game. Marketing is an increasingly complex and highly demanding discipline which each year is being made more taxing by the sheer number of new businesses emerging. The web has made it possible for largely anyone with a computer to go into an infinitely number of business areas, making it more and more difficult for those already up and running to stay on top of things.

However, just as is the case with all things across the business world there will always be those online marketing professionals that outperform their rivals. It’s common and indeed natural to put both your faith and the success of your business in the hands of a professional and never give things a second thought, but in the best interests of your brand’s future and present successes alike, it’s imperative that you ensure you’re getting a good deal.

So, with this in mind, here’s a quick introduction to five signs you should be looking out for to suggest you could benefit from marketing partner shake-up:

1 – Too Much SEO Focus

For one thing, if the consultant you’re currently working with seems to believe that SEO is still the be all and end all of things, they’re definitely not practicing in line with today’s standards. The reason being that while SEO is indeed still important, it has over recent months and years taken a huge backseat to other marketing approaches of both equal value and greater stability. Now more than ever, to hedge all of your brand’s bets the way of Google or any of the other search engines is to risk it all on the roll of a dice. You never know when things are going to change quite drastically, which is why it’s crucial to only ever put faith in a marketing partner that insists on an even and well thought out spread of options.

2 – Too Little Communication

You should take the time to ask yourself whether you have a good grasp of what’s going on with your brand’s marketing efforts behind the scenes, or if you’re being left in the dark. Admittedly, you may not know a great deal about the ins and outs of marketing, but it is nonetheless a sign of a very poor marketing partner not to keep their client’s business in the loop with every single element of every strategy across the board – not to mention its outcome. So, if it’s a case of hearing from your third-party service provider infrequently or perhaps never, it may be time to consider a change.

3 – Poor Performance

Right now, it’s surprisingly common for lacklustre marketing companies to lead their clients into a position where they’re worse off than they were before and then simply blame the outcome on the fact that escalating competition makes it inevitable. This is of course pure garbage and a tell-tale sign of a marketing partner you should have nothing to do with. On the whole, there cannot and should not be any excuses when things go wrong – why bother paying for a service that seems to be bringing you nothing but poor performance?

4 – Escalating Costs

If at any point along the way you’ve decided to up your chosen subscription package to something entirely more intensive, then of course you’re going to pay more for it. However, if after many months or years of sticking with the same provider you find you’re paying consistently more for the same marketing services, ask yourself how fair you really think this is. If anything, prices should actually be going down year after year, not up.

5 – Worrying Feedback

Last but not least, chances are that a slightly dodgy marketing partner isn’t going to speak ill of themselves or put you in touch with those businesses they have already wronged – this doesn’t mean you can’t find out a few key insights for yourself. It sounds sneaky but is in fact nothing more than a sign of proactivity – take a look into the firm’s reviews, testimonials and general write-ups from time to time to see just how well they are doing their job in general. If you get the feeling you’re not being given a great level of service and the general consensus seems to point to the same conclusion, you’ll have all you need to justify a sharp exist in favour of a new provider.



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