Five Local Marketing Mistakes You’ll Want to Steer Clear Of

Local marketing is a tricky trick to pull off to say the least, as in the majority of instances you’ll be looking at a limited budget and indeed a limited region over which to cast your net. But at the same time, getting it right could not be of greater importance and with such fierce competition at all levels, it often comes down to the success of a brand’s local marketing push to determine its overall success in general.

Ask the UK’s leading online marketing companiesand chances are they’ll all tell you that nothing matters more than proactivity and firm focus when it comes to local marketing. However, really making your mark and hopefully staying put at the top of the chain means keeping very much clear of the most commonly-made marketing mistakes that never fail to prove costly.

Here’s a quick rundown of five key examples:

1 – Haphazard Strategies

To approach a marketing push without a firm goal in mind is a little like trying to hit the centre of a dartboard with a blunderbuss. Suffice to say, you might make it happen but chances are you’ll just end up with a huge mess to deal with. Throwing stuff at walls to see what sticks is all well and good when you’re already successful and have a wealth of financial resources to fall back on, but at local business level is simply not realistic. Careful planning, constant monitoring and comprehensive analysis along the way are all of crucial importance – as is having a specific goal to work toward. Know what you want – then go after it.

2 – Depending on Word of Mouth

For many businesses, word of mouth plays a huge role in not only bringing in new customers in the first place, but making sure that the new customers both convert and become regulars. But at the same time, word of mouth cannot be relied on alone for the simple reason that you generally cannot rely on it…as in you never know when it will dry up. That is of course unless you take some control over the matter, which in this place means making concerted efforts to cultivate word of mouth and ensure your audience actually has something nice to say about you.

3 – Casting Your Net Too Far

As soon as you get your business online and you realise that you can send ads and promos to people in Tokyo as easy as you can to those just down the street, it’s tempting to have a crack at branching out…big time. Unfortunately, if you are a genuinely local business and would first like to see your brand become a household name in the locality before setting out for world domination, every minute you spend chasing unrealistic goals is a minute you could have spent reeling in the punters closer to home. Chances are there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of customers just waiting to be won over in your own town or city alone, so why cast your net any further than you need to?

4 – Inefficient Web Use

Still on the subject of the web, it’s never been more important to have a website up and running regardless of the size or nature of your business. However, while some are still in the habit of creating websites that are essentially little more than company brochures, it’s far more effective to create a portal that interests your audience and encourages discussion. From blogging to message boards to feedback forums to suggestion boxes and any other two-way communication tools, it’s all about piquing their interests and engaging them with what you have to offer. This way, you’ll win their respect, trust and repeat business all at the same time.

5 – Shunning Outside Help

Last but not least, just because you may be operating at a smaller level and with a relatively confined target market does not in any way mean that you couldn’t benefit from professional online marketing consultancy. The reason being that not only may you be unaware as to the bad habits you’ve fallen into over the years, but there may be so many alternative marketing avenues to explore that you aren’t even aware exist. It often takes a neutral third party to note and address the things those within the business may have been overlooking all along – a fresh, professional perspective that could steer you in the most profitable direction imaginable.



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