Five Fatal Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

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In the world of web design, nothing matters more than the quality of your landing pages.  You only get one chance to make the right first impression – landing pages determining whether or not it happens.  Even if you attract vast amounts of traffic, you will not succeed if you’re making the most common landing page mistakes.

But what’s interesting is that when youanalyse where most landing pagesgo wrong, there are certain similarities that stand out.  Specifically, the kinds of seemingly minormistakes that add up to potentially severe problems.

So, in the interests of pages that havethe desired effect, you might want to steer clear of the following five fatal landingpages mistakes at all costs:

LandingPage Mistakes #1.  Ineffective CTAButtons

First and foremost, CTA buttons are not tobe taken for granted.  Absolutely everyaspect of the CTA buttons you present on your landing pages will influencetheir effectiveness or otherwise.  Fromshape to colour to position to size to how many you decide to provide, all ofthese things can and will have an impact. Given the scope for potential variations, the only sensible solution isto experiment, analyse, modify and repeat the cycle as necessary.  Sooner or later, you’ll find the formula thatworks.

LandingPage Mistakes #2.  Uninspiring Design

Long before new customers assimilate anyof the information on your website, they begin making judgements based on itsdesign.  These days, everyone knows whatimpressive web design looks like – the same being said for amateur hour. Consequently,your content might be fantastic, but it will be entirely irrelevant if it ispresented appallingly.  As such, you needto find a way of wowing them with your site’s presentation in an instant.

LandingPage Mistakes #3.  Information Overload

Something else that never fails to sendvisitors in the opposite direction is an overload of information.  By finding you in the first place, they’vealready giving you a good indication of what it is they want.  After this, your job to get it to them in themanner they expect.  Most web users thesedays are all about instant gratification and do not take kindly to being forcedto mine for the information they require. If you have a lot to say, ensure it is distributed strategicallythroughout your site.

LandingPage Mistakes #4. Mass Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes made by fartoo many websites these days is using their landing pages as an attempt to linetheir pockets through partner and affiliate marketing.  Your visitors have found your website becausethey are interested in something that you sell or do.  As such, why waste their time and your ownopportunity to capitalise on them by bombarding them with marketing materialsfrom external sources?  That said,getting too carried away with your own ads and promotions on your primarylanding pages can be just as harmful.

LandingPage Mistakes #5. Low-Quality Visuals

And finally, try to remember that anyvisuals you cannot honestly say are spectacular in quality have no placewhatsoever on your landing pages.  Fromartistic visuals to animations to photography and so on, everything needs togive an immediate impression of consummate quality and professionalism.  If not, you run the risk of being immediatelyinterpreted as amateurish.

In Summary…

Building a successful website means givingevery page the time and attention it deserves. However, your landing pagescould make or break your website and its performance as a whole. If you makekinds of common landing page mistakes outlined above, all your otherefforts could come to nothing. Nevertheless, get it right with your landingpages and the rest takes care of itself.

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