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Straight To The Point

If you’d just like to download my CV then click the button below. It’s in .doc format and I try and keep it up to date. If you are in recruitment please feel free to remove contact information as needed.

Download CV

The Agency Map

I like to keep a list of the companies i’ve worked with. Above you can see some of the contracts and permanent placements i’ve had with graphic design & marketing agencies in London, Norwich and everywhere in between.

I Like Coffee & Beer

If you have an urgent booking for me then great, it’s probably best to give me a call. I’m usually happy to meet over a beverage to discuss potential technical or marketing projects and online campaigns. If you’d like to touch base with me and establish a dialogue then fill in the form to the left of send me an email with any questions you may have.


My schedule fills up very quickly. Small projects can often be booked with 30 days notice and larger projects like full website builds I will often need 40-60 days notice. Try me, you may just catch me at the perfect time.

Postal Address
Apt 2248,
Chynoweth House,
Trevissome Park,
Truro, Cornwall,