How to Boost Flagging Open Cart Store Sales

It’s the bummer to end all bummers – you’ve worked yourself half to death building the Open Cart site of your dreams, you’ve managed to put a winning product range up for sale at the lowest prices and yet you’re still finding yourself making next to no sales at all.

Really…what gives?

Well, the simple fact of the matter is that if you’re 100% convinced in what it is you’re offering and the general viability of your brand and your site, it’s clearly something technical that’s causing you to fail. And in terms of isolating the problem, the first and most important thing to do is take a look at your analytics – the reason being there’s a huge difference between visitors failing to buy and visitors failing to arrive in the first place.      how-to-boost-flagging-open-cart-store-sales

No Traffic or Poor Numbers

In the instance that nobody seems to be coming to your site at all, it’s important not to succumb to the urge to panic and fall to pieces. It’s worrying no doubt, but if they’re not able to find you in the first place you cannot expect them to move Heaven and Earth looking for you. Google has made it far too easy for folk to get what they want in a split second day or night, which means that in order to tap into this new wave of doing business, you need to tap into Google.

Which is where SEO comes into the equation – something that’s of crucial importance for any budding Open Cart store to get by. It’s a common misconception to think that a genuinely brilliant online store will flourish off its own bat alone…it just doesn’t happen. It’s almost unheard of these days for anyone to actually type out a website in the address bar when looking to buy something from somewhere. Even if they know what they want and where they want it from, they count on Google and Co. to show them the way.

What this means for you and your site is the need to follow Google’s latest rulebook when it comes to getting both indexed and ranked highly for the search terms related to your business. It’s a long and complex book to follow, but essentially revolves around principles of unique content, relevant content, constantly updated content, smooth site design, fast operation, simple navigation and a good mix of media. Keywords still play an important role as too do backlinks, though in most cases must be handled with kid-gloves.

A good rundown of the basics can be found here.

They’re Coming, They’re Not Buying

The second scenario is that of plenty of traffic heading your way, though failing to register any conversions at all…or at least not enough to get by. Again, if you’re wholly confident in your offer then it’s clearly more of a technical or logistic hiccup than anything else, which can often be simple enough to identify and isolate.

The fact that they are there having found your site using any given keywords or search terms means they’re interested in what you do – selling yourself has been taken care of. As such, if they’re not converting at a rate you’d like, then chances are it’s simply because they either can’t convert or are not willing to jump through hoops in order to do so.

To put a few examples to the matter, your Open Cart stores progress could be stunted by the following:

  • Insufficient CTA Use – Have you made it abundantly clear how to make a purchase or to move on to the next stage of the buying process with solid use of CTAs and other buttons?
  • Limited Payment Methods – Are you shunning vast swathes of the market by only accepting Visa or perhaps not taking any payments by way of PayPal?
  • Obligatory Signups – Are you insisting that each and every person that wants to make a purchase must first go through the annoying process of opening a membership with you?
  • Site Performance – Are you annoying the living daylights out of your customers with slow page loading times and a site that’s too poor in performance to bother with?

More often than not, you will find that it’s one or more of the above that’s holding your site back as once you have the traffic where you want it, technically you’re about 95% of the way home. A good guide on increasing conversion rates for your Open Cart store would definitely be a good resource to consider if you know they’re there but just aren’t buying, as the last thing you want is to have your reputation dragged through the mud for what could turn out to be such a minor oversight.


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