10 Reasons to Consider Investing In a Joomla Website

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Joomla has been doing the rounds for a great many years now and is still one of the world’s most comprehensively trusted platforms. Even in the face of on-going competition from other established content management systems, the Joomla community continues to grow and expand all the time.

So given the fact that there are so many alternatives to choose from, what is that keeps so many millions coming back to Joomla, time and time again?

1 – Quick and Easy Editing

Well, the fact that making small and large site edits alike is an absolute walk in the park represents one huge advantage to say the least. With no FTP required and the ability to gain access from anywhere on Earth with an Internet connection, you can even log in and make urgent changes from your smartphone!

2 – Simple Yet Powerful Menus

The menu creation tool of Joomla is undoubtedly one of its most incredibly popular and brilliant features. Even with no web design experience whatsoever, creating beautifully sleek, fluid and rich hierarchical menus is an absolute walk in the park – so too is editing them at any time.

3 – Editable Core

For those with the relevant experience and knowledge, the very core of Joomla can be hacked away at should any changes to its coding be deemed necessary. When it comes to making your CMS work harder for you, the sky’s the limit!

4 – It’s an Open Source Platform

What’s brilliant about open source platforms is the way in which user-communities of the most enormous sizes are constantly refining and improving what’s on offer. And of course, you yourself can get involved with the whole on-going improvement drive, if you so wish!

5 – Flexibility

Another outstanding point of appeal chalked up by Joomla is its near-total flexibility when it comes to exactly what kinds of sites and businesses it is suitable for. There will always be so many examples of content management systems and platforms that are focused primarily or exclusively on one business/site type alone. Joomla, however, is practically limitless in scope and is ideally suited to everything from e-commerce to business portfolio websites and more.

6 – On-Board Caching

Caching has the potential to make any Joomla website run exponentially faster than it otherwise might – and it comes as a standard feature baked into the CMS. A feature which when used strategically can make all the difference in the world to site performance, Joomla’s cache can massively reduce page loading times and make site navigation in general exponentially smoother.

7 – Strong SEO Functionality

Search engine optimisation continues to play a big role in determining the success or otherwise of websites all over the world. Joomla features search engine friendly URLs as standard, which once enabled will do their work automatically for your website. Joomla also gives you full control over the meta keywords and meta descriptions you use for each of your pages, adding a further string to your SEO bow. These may only be the basics of on-site SEO, but they combine to offer a strong start.

8 – Multiple Language Support

Research has shown that if you’re willing to present your site in multiple languages, its appeal to international markets will take a sizeable step in the right direction. Joomla makes it relatively simple to create your primary website in one language and to then develop international versions in the languages of your target audience. This can be far more effective than relying on Google Translate to present a pseudo-translation of your website which in all likelihood will not be a beacon of professionalism.

9 – Massive Extension Library

The library of available Joomla extensions is both spectacular in size and continually growing. Not only this, but the vast majority of extensions you’ll find yourself using for your own business ventures will most likely be 100% free of charge. Joomla presents quite literally limitless scope with what you can do and the extent to which you can refine and enhance your websites. And of course, you can always try your hand at creating your own extensions, too.

10 – It’s Free!

Last but not least, undoubtedly one of the biggest of all points of appeal when it comes to Joomla is the fact that it is 100% free to download, free to use and free to upgrade for life. There isn’t a penny involved in using the platform itself, or for working with the endless array of free templates and extensions available. Paid templates and extensions exist, but are strictly optional. So whether looking to build your own website from scratch or involve the professionals, the cost of investing in the required software in the first place is a cost you need not worry about with Joomla!





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